Hola! I'm Lu

A Fractional Leader for Christian Organizations

without the hassle of a full-time new hire

Fully Bilingual [English/Spanish]

The help you need at a fraction of the cost!

I am not just a consultant who will come into your organization, point out gaps or possible improvements, and leave.

As a hands-on, dynamic leader, I will blend seamlessly into your organization, fully grasping the mission, vision, values, culture, and goals and actively driving the efforts to achieve them, providing a sense of reassurance and confidence in my abilities.

I will present innovative solutions, spearhead and implement change, devise strategic plans and long-term initiatives, inspire and move teams to action, and help uncover further opportunities.


Areas of Expertise:

Multicultural Engagement • Customer Success • Digital Marketing • Team Management • Public Relations • Public Speaking • Event Organization • Preaching/Teaching • Interpreting Simultaneously [English to Spanish]

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