I'm a Jesus follower.

I'm happily married to my best friend Neal; we are blessed with a super fun 16-year-old son and a creative 20-year-old adopted nephew.

I speak Español and English, and I'm learning Português. I'm a minimalist, but you will find plenty of concrete and cacti at my home. I love to serve people globally.

God's audacious story in my life!

In 2005, a mere three weeks after our wedding day, Neal (from Ohio) and I (from México) made the bold move from La Ciudad de las Montañas, Monterrey, México, to the BIG Ol’Texas.

With only our clothes, books, and a lamp, we rented a small apartment in Downtown McKinney long before it became a trendy area! We had very little and only knew a few families in the vicinity.

In 2006, God challenged Neal and me to help start the Spanish Campus at Christ Fellowship McKinney, and the One Church Two Languages concept was born! Today, Christ Fellowship Español is a healthy, growing church family with more than 400 people in attendance each week. Neal and I have facilitated a Multicultural study group, planned events, and led mission trips to five countries for almost two decades.

In 2010, two years after my son was born, I started a photography business. I captured countless precious moments for families and created beautiful newborn art. This venture became a ministry to women and a powerful healing tool for my emotional struggles with second-degree infertility. While I had to close my photography business in 2020 due to COVID-19, the memories and friendships created will last a lifetime.

In 2013, God presented us with a new challenge - to start KDK Konkrete DesignsSpecializing in custom concrete pieces, we take joy in serving clients while giving back to missions worldwide.

In 2021, I joined the Kerux Group as Fractional VP of Client Success, where I've had the privilege of helping organizations like NAMB, Lutheran Hour Ministries, Dare 2 Share Ministries, Ligonier, and others with innovative strategies to reach the Hispanic/Latino population. One of our proudest accomplishments has been the release of Biblia QR, the Spanish edition of Life Essentials Study Bible, by Dr. Gene Getz.

How am I unique?

I hold a degree in Business Administration, a few certificates in Photography, Project Management, Marketing, and Communications. Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Divinity at Fuller. The depth of my formation however, as you read above, comes mostly from the "University of Life".

God has uniquely shaped my diverse skill set in Ministry, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Communications, and Womanhood. My passion is to use all the talents and abilities God has gifted me with to collaborate with Christian organizations and collectively make a positive impact in the world.




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